What’s the Big Deal About Our New Space

I’m sure many of you may be wondering what is the big deal about our new space at Hoover Commons – well there is a lot!

First of all it’s big. we wanted to make sure that we had room to sit down with our customers if we needed to, we also wanted room for our bigger projects. We do a lot of banners and signs, and it’s nice to have the room to lay those projects out and make a final quality check. We also have some new equipment. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but basically some of our new machines can print on virtually anything with a hard surface. If we can get it in the door — we can print on it.

Despite all of this, the biggest thing about our new shop is that it means we are doing something right. Taking care of the most important thing – our customers. And that, to me (Pete), is a very big deal.

So thank you for your patience during our growth phase. If you work with us totally online that is great, but I hope you will take time to stop by and visit us in person. We are excited about the future and what we can offer our customers. There is more to come!

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